Tape Applicators FAQ Section

Before the Sale FAQs

What does MGL need to know to quote a tape machine?
We need the dimensions of the product, the material the product is made of, and the type of tape and dimensions of the tape.

Can we send you samples of our product and tape to test before ordering the tape machine?
Yes, we would be happy to test your samples on one of our machines. Upon request, we will video record the testing of your samples and send you the video to you before you place an order.

How long does it take to get a quote on a tape machine?
Less than 15 minutes for standard tape machines.

Do you keep any tape machines in stock and ready to ship?
We try to keep our some tape machines on the floor and ready to ship.

What types of Tape can I used on my MGL applicator?
Below are examples of pressure sensitive tape that can be used.

Tape Types usedPurpose/Usage Example
Reinforced TapeFolders and books; heavy-duty reinforcement
MylarFolders; light-duty reinforcement
VinylArtwork; low-stress reinforcement
CelluloidLamination; scuff resistance
Hi-tackPermanent - aggressive
OfficeGeneral use
Paperback Transfergreeting cards, hospital forms, origami, posters
Paperback 1/32" foamposters, photo mount tacker, pistol target mounts, point-of-sale display

After the Sale FAQs

Need answers fast?
Call 972-221-3555 and you get live technician help.

How do I get a manual for my MGL tape application system?
Contact sales to order one if you need a manual for pre-owned machines.

Are manuals available in other languages besides English?
Not at this time.

Can I upgrade the tape heads on my older MGL model?
Yes, please contact sales.

How do I order a replacement part?
Call us if you need help with a parts order, otherwise please e-mail, or fax your parts order to us.

What is the turnaround time for defective electronic boards?
We normally repair boards within 1 - 2 business days upon receipt of board. New boards can be shipped out the same day if necessary.

Does your company offer on-site training or repairs?
We are happy to train customers for free at our facility in Lewisville, Texas. and we do have training videos online. You will get free telephone support after the purchase of a machine. Most tape machine problems are fixed by ordering repair parts. If a tape head has been heavily used, we do offer a tape head rebuild service.