The Power Tape Unwind for Spooled Tear Tape Applications


  • Tension Arm automatically activates unwind motor
  • Holds heavy spools of tape
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum
  • On/Off switch with power light


  • Very easy to setup and operate
  • Much longer production run times before running out of tape
  • Corrosion resistant and durable design.
  • No training required to operate.

How It Works For You

The MGL Power Tape Unwind unit is made to automatically unwind large spooled rolls of pressure sensitive tape. It is most commonly used to unwind tear tape (a.k.a. tear strip or tear-off ribbon) that can exceed 15,000 yards or meters in length.

This unit will automatically start unwinding tape as the tape itself is pulled, causing the tape tension arm to move from its resting or stop position. When the tension on the tape itself is released, the tension arm moves back to its resting position and the unwind motor stops.

Tear tape serves as an easy opening device for consumer packaging. This tensilized polypropylene tape has a pressure sensitive adhesive that is usually applied to the surface of packaging made of paper, paperboard, corrugated cardboard, or plastic.

Technical Specs

  • Product Name: MGL Power Tape Unwind
  • Weight: < 58 lbs (26.30 Kg)
  • Overall size: 20” D x 20”W x 51” H
  • Power Requirements: 120V A/C 50/60 HS < 5 Amps
  • Tape Types: Many types of spooled pressure sensitive tape with tensile strength
  • Tape Roll Size: Up to 15” (38.1 cm) O.D. on 6” (15.24 cm) core roll standard
  • Spool Widths: Up to 6” (15.24 cm) wide spools standard (wider roll support is special order)

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