The MGL 80 can handle up to 80" wide products.


  • Up to 80" material
  • MGL tape heads
  • Up to 8 tape heads
  • Safety Drive system
  • Magnetic stackers
  • Intermix tape strips and spots
  • Product counter
  • Hi-res Vision sensors
  • Adjustable tape heads
  • Stainless steel & anodized aluminum


  • Larger material handling
  • Highly accurate and durable
  • No special adaptors required for mylar tape.
  • More tape applying options
  • Very safe for operator and product.
  • Easy to adjust delivery stacker.
  • Full control of tape applying options
  • Durable electronic counter
  • More precise and reliable than single cell sensors
  • Easy to stagger set tape application
  • Corrosion resistant and durable.

How It Works For You

The MGL-80 accepts material up to 80 inches wide. It utilizes a stationary transmitter and receptor photo-optic cell sensing system, insuring the highest production accuracy. The electronic and air logic system permits simultaneous intermixing of strips and spots.

Technical Specs

  • Product Name: MGL 80
  • Weight: <250 lbs (113.40 Kg)
  • Overall Size: 60" D X 56" W X 42" H
  • Power Requirements: 120V A/C 50/60 Hz < 5 Amps
  • Air Requirements: 60 psi min.
  • Product Handling: 80" (109.2cm) minimum
  • Product Thickness: 4 mils minimum ( .02 points)
  • Number of Tape Heads: two metering units come standard.
  • Working table elevation: 34-36" (86.3cm - 91.4cm)
  • Tape Types: Many types of single sided and double sided tapes
  • Tape Roll Size: 16" (40.6cm) O.D. on 3" (7.6cm) I.D. roll standard (larger roll support is special order)
  • Tape Widths: Adjustable up to 1" (25.4cm) (wider heads optional)
  • Tape Thickness: Up to 1/16" (1.52mm) thick


  • Extra tape heads - Up to 8 tape heads can be used simultaneously
  • 2" (50.8mm) and 3" (76.2mm) tape heads - For using wide rolls of tape.
  • Clear sensor - For use with transparent tapes and products.
  • Feeder - For automatic feeding of products up to 15" (39.1cm) X 15" (38.1cm) wide.
  • Computer Controller - for storing up to 90 jobs and up to 4 patterns
  • Tape head roll extender - up to 24” diameter tape rolls (60.9cm).

MGL 80 taping system with optional computer -
Taping large posters

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