A Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Tape Application Systems

MGL International is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive tape application systems. For over 50 years, MGL has been manufacturing economical, safe, reliable and long-lasting tape applicators for use by the small job shops or by large scale production lines.

Tape Applicators

The MGL tape applicator product line is designed for applying pressure-sensitive tapes of many kinds to many different types of products from envelopes and posters to tollway cards. Our tape applicators are preferred by many in the tape manufacturing industry.


  • Double Sided Tape for Paper - strips and spots of double sided tape applied usually to printed packing or paper.
  • Tear Tape - Tape made for tearing open envelopes and packaging.
  • Foam Tape - Tape with a medium strength adhesive to hold medium weight products together like packaging and cardboard.
  • VHB Tape - Very High Bond tape used to hold heavy items like metal, plastic, and wood together.


  • 18 in. / 45.7 cm Taping system
  • 28 in. / 71 cm Taping system
  • 43 in. / 109.2 cm Taping system
  • 80 in. / 203.2 cm Taping system
  • Single tape heads with stand alone control box
  • 3 different widths of tape heads

MGL International Contacts

MGL International, Inc.
230 Leonard St.
Lewisville, Texas 75057

phone: (972) 221-3555
fax: 972-221-8233

Sales e-mail: [email protected]
Support e-mail: [email protected]
Internet address: www.mglapplicators.com

Request For Information

  • All requests for competitive quotes are welcome and will be answered in a timely manner.
  • Please provide a phone number when making e-mail inquiries.
  • A MGL sales representative will contact you within 1 business day.

Taping Demonstrations

Please ship all product and tape samples to the address given on this page. We will record a video of your tape being applied to your product samples once we receive your samples.

Our Location

MGL International is a privately held U.S. based manufacturer. Each MGL application systems is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at our manufacturing center in Lewisville, Texas (Dallas).

Customers Serviced

MGL has sold thousands of tape application systems to customers on every continent for over 50 years. Our systems can be found in use in several industries today.

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