Welcome to MGL International
Manufacturers of Tape and Label Application Systems

MGL International is a U.S. based manufacturer of
systems that apply pressure sensitive tapes or labels to
products. Manufacturing for over 30 years,the best
overall value in application systems for the customer’s
bottomline. MGL applicators have the right touch.
Put us to the test today.

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Labeling Markets Served Taping Markets Served
   • Dairy Industry
   • Electronics
   • Food and Beverage
   • Home and Car
   • Health and Beauty
   • Medical
   • Pharmaceutical
   • Unique Products
   • OEMs and Integrators
   • Unique Products

   • Envelope Printers
   • Office Folder Production
   • Point-of-Sale Products
   • Poster Production
   • Presentational Products
   • Printer Conversion
   • Sign Printers
   • Unique Products

The Right Touch for

The Operator
   • safer design
   • easy to operate
   • easy changeovers

The Product
   • will not crush product
   • non-abrasive design
   • accurate label placement
   • applies media smoothly

The Company Bottomline
   • safe to operate
   •very durable
   • outstanding value
   • low power required
   • affordable custom designs

Affordable Custom Designs
  We are the fastest in the industry when it comes to custom designs. MGL has the talent in-house to design and produce affordable custom application systems. All MGL application systems are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at our manufacturing center in Lewisville, Texas (Dallas) If you have a need for a custom designed system, call our in-house engineering staff today.  
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