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Tape Application Systems

MGL Int’l is the best overall value for your company’s bottom line now and Iong after the purchase.

Product Choices
   • Tape Applying Heads Only
   • 18" Tape Application System
      with feeder
   • 28" Tape Application System
   • 42" Tape Application System
   • Custom Designs

Markets Served

• Envelope Printers
• Office Folder Production
• Point-of-Sale Products
• Poster Production
• Presentational Products
• Printer Conversion Industry
• Sign Printers
• Unique Products

The Applicators with The Right Touch

Need help with choosing
a tape application system?

See our FAQ section in the Customer support section.

Want to know how our
applicators will perform?

Send us product samples.

The Right Touch For

The Operator
   • safer design
   • easy to operate
   • easy changeovers

The Product
   • will not crush product
   • non-abrasive design
   • accurate label placement
   • applies media smoothly

The Company Bottomline
   • safe to operate
   • very durable
   • outstanding value
   • low power required
   • affordable custom

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