The MGL 43 can handle up to 43" wide products.
43" MGL Tape Applicator

  Product Name: MGL 43
Weight: <250 lbs (113.40 Kg)
Overall Size: 60" D X 56" W X 42" H
Power Requirements: 120V A/C 50/60 Hz < 5 Amps
Air Requirements: 60 psi min.
Product Handling: 43" (109.2cm) minimum
Product Thickness: 4 mils minimum ( .02 points)
Number of Tape Heads: two metering units come standard.
Working table elevation: 34-36" (86.3cm - 91.4cm)
Tape Types: Many types of single sided and double sided tapes
Tape Roll Size: 12" (30.5cm) O.D. on 3" (7.6cm) I.D. roll standard
(larger roll support is special order)
Tape Widths: Adjustable up to 1" (25.4cm) (wider heads optional)
Tape Thickness: Up to 1/16" (1.52mm) thick
How it works for you
  The patented MGL metering units have a new rewind system that enables you to remove the 2nd liner from double-backed tape for product line assembly. Every feature compatible with the MGL-43 is also compatible with solid state MGL-30's and MGL-45's regardless of age. The MGL-43 tape applying systems provide a fast and reliable method of placing both strips and spots of pressure sensitive tape onto virtually any surface. The MGL-43 accepts material up to 43 inches wide. It utilizes a stationary transmitter and receptor photo-optic cell sensing system, insuring the highest production accuracy. The electronic and air logic system permits simultaneous intermixing of strips and spots.  
Features Benefits
   • Up to 43" material     Larger material handling  
   • MGL tape heads     Highly accurate and
No special adaptors
required for mylar tape.
   • up to 8tape heads     More tape applying options  
   • Safety Drive system     Very safe for operator and product.
   • Magnetic stackers     Easy to adjust delivery stacker.  
   • Intermix tape strips and spots     Full control of tape applying options  
   • Product counter     Durable electronic counter  
   • Hi-res Vision sensors     More precise and reliable than single cell sensors  
   • Adjustable tape heads     Easy to stagger set tape application  
   • Stainless steel & anodized aluminum     Corrosion resistant and durable.  
  Extra tape heads
Up to 8 tape heads can be used simultaneously
2" (50.8mm) and 3" (76.2mm) tape heads
For using wide rolls of tape.
Clear sensor
For use with transparent tapes and products.
For automatic feeding of products up to 15" (39.1cm) X 15" (38.1cm) wide.
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