Label applicators engineered to meet all your needs.
MGL Label Applicator Product Family

Label Application Systems
Top only labelers
Bottom only labelers
Top and Bottom labelers
Side Apply labelers
Dual side apply labelers
Horizontal wrapping labelers
Vertical wrapping labelers
MultiPanel labelers
Neck labelers

Markets Served

• Dairy Industry
• Electronics
• Food
• Beverage
• Household
• Beauty
• Medical
• Pharmaceutical
• OEMs
• Unique Products

The Applicators with The Right Touch

All MGL equipment, with its simple digital solid state electronics and advanced mechanical technology, will give you years of efficient, dependable service. All parts are manufactured under strict quality control and in the same location. Among the unique features of our systems are our infrared sensing devices which have a life expectancy of 200,000 hours. You can't lose with MGL systems. You can depend on a MGL applicator.

MGL labeling systems are ahead of the industry, providing an efficiency of operation that is unmatched with the shortest turnaround time from receipt of order to delivery. Whatever your labeling needs, MGL has the system that will fill them. In addition to the models described here, MGL provides a custom design service that will provide you with complete systems based on your individual needs.

*ALL labeling systems are shipped with all components mounted (including labels) and ready to run!

Labeling Machinery Types Made
   • Inline Label Applicators - Applying labels to
     products on a conveyor belt
   • Rotary Label Applicators - Applying labels to
     products on a rotating table.

Label Applicator Types Made


Labeling Head Types Made
   • Roll on
   • Air Tamp on

The Right Touch For

The Operator
   • safe design
   • easy to operate
   • easy changeovers

The Product
   • will not crush product
   • non-abrasive designs
   • accurate label placement
   • applies wrinkle-free

The Company Bottomline
   • safe to operate
   • affordable designs
   • very durable
   • low power required
   • affordable custom designs

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