The bottom labeler with an optional top labeler.
MGL Bottom or Top Label Applicators

  Product Name: BTL (top or bottom labeling) Series
Weight: < 350 lbs (158.75 Kg)
Labeling Height: Adjustable
Power Requirements: 120V A/C 50/60 Hz < 5 Amps
Conveyor Belt length: 6' (1.8m) standard 8' (2.43m) to 24' (7.3m) is available
Labeling head type: Roll-on apply standard (air tamping heads available)
Label Type: Die-cut pressure sensitive labels
Label Roll Size: 12" (30.5cm) O.D. on 3" (7.6cm) I.D. roll standard (larger roll support is special order)
Label Width: up to 4" (101.6mm) wide standard (larger widths available)
How it works for you

Product usage examples: labeling the bottom of prepackaged food.

Features Benefits
   • Econotac Heads     High reliability (hyperlink to labeling heads)  
   • Safety Drive System     Very safe for operator
and product
Giant product feed
screw not required
   • Change to bottom or top orientation     Does bottom or top labeling  
   • Two headed option     permits labeling of top and bottom simultaneosly or top or bottom  
  Status signal
For indicating low label level and out of labels. (See web break option below.)
Hot stamp imprinter
For stamping date code or run number onto label.
Zero downtime options
A permanent or mobile redundant labeling head.
Clear label sensor
For detecting clear labels that are missing index mark.
Web break sensor
For warning if label breaks or machine runs out of labels.
Hugger belt
For regulating product flow - blocks overfeeding.
Wrapping belt
For rotating product while label is being applied.
Accumulator Table
For storing products after labels are applied simplifying batch pickup by system operator.
Fan fold label feeder
For feeding printed fan fold labels into a labeling system.
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