A Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Tape & Label Application Systems
About MGL International

MGL International is a leading designer and manufacturer of both pressure sensitive tape and
label application systems. For over 30 years, MGL has been manufacturing economical, safe,
reliable and long-lasting applicators for use by the small job shopper or by large scale
production systems.

Tape Applicators
The MGL tape applicator product line is designed for applying pressure-sensitive tapes of many
kinds to many different types of products from envelopes and posters to tollway cards.
Our tape applicators are preferred my many in the tape manufacturing industry.

Label Applicators
The MGL labeling application systems are designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels onto
various different types and sizes of products ranging from small glass vials and syringes to
large paint pails and pallets.

Labeling Applicator Types

Inline Label Applicators - Applicator made for use on a production line conveyor system.
Self-Contained Label Applicators - Independent applicators that work remotely from a production line.

Label Applicator Models

Bottom and Top Labelers
Rotary Labelers
Full or Partial 2 stage labelers
Front and back side apply labelers
Horizontal wrapping labelers
Vertical wrapping labelers
Multi-Panel Labelers
Neck Labelers
Specialty Labelers

MGL International is a privately held U.S. based manufacturer. Each MGL application systems
is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at our manufacturing center in Lewisville,
Texas (Dallas).

Customers Serviced
MGL has sold thousands of label and tape application systems to customers on every continent
for over 30 years. Our systems can be found in use in over a hundred different industries today.

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